Signature Massages

Each 60 minute signature massage will begin with a specially formulated healing treatment of lomilomi using Hawaiian fragrance blends. Our expert masseuses can then help guide you to the best massage style that suits your needs with options of continued lomilomi, medium pressure, or a deep tissue massage. Any massage can be modified for prenatal formatting and a fragrance free coconut oil can be substituted when desired.

Aloha Nui Loa Massage

Meaning: “Very Much Love”. Infused with Pikaki, “Gardenia”. This massage uses traditional Hawaiian lomilomi techniques with continuous deep flowing motions. It’s perfect for couples, honeymooners or anyone feeling the islands love of relaxation.

Queen Liliuokalani Massage

Meaning: “Queen”. The Queen Liliuokalani is designed with brides, mermaids and queens in mind, and uses ultra pampering oils infused with the essence of plumeria blossoms. The Liliuokalani fuses Swedish and lomilomi technique while giving extra attention to women’s stress areas such as the neck and shoulders.

A’ole Pilikia Massage

Meaning: “No Worries”. A’ole applies reflexology to the head, hands and feet. True to its name, this heavenly mango nectar massage will restore you back to the island state of mind of no worries.

Kai Massage

Meaning: “The Sea”. Our signature deep tissue massage is infused with Koke's earthy scent. Enjoy this light fragrance while you are stretched and fully relieve tension throughout your entire body.



Signature Facials

Each 60 minute facial, body scrub or treatment has been designed to heal and restore.

Wahine Hi’ui’a Facial

Meaning: “Mermaid”. A real anti-aging, enzymatic treat for any mermaid, bride or queen filled to the brim with Hawaiian spirulina and organic chlorella.

Kai Kane Facial

Meaning: “Man of the sea”. Treat yourself with black lava salts and mineral rich red clay for a refined, detoxified and overall smoother complexion. This facial has been formulated perfectly for men.

Ka Wai Facial

Meaning: “Water”. Hydrate and renew your skin. Get the Hawaiian glow with hydrosal botanicals while nourishing it with tropical fruits and nectars.


Signature Treatments

Kokolera Kopa'a

Meaning: "Chocolate Sugar" This blissfully ultra indulgent experience begins with a full body chocolate sugar scrub. Followed by the Maui sourced edible chocolate glazing oil body massage. COMING SOON

Koena Olu'olu

Meaning: “Rest Easy”. A reflexology treatment for the head, neck and shoulders, with a 55 minute focus on pressure points on the upper body.  



Bringing you the best of the best, Sea Spa has chosen two lines that are organic, high quality and made from the love of the islands.

Leahlani Skincare: These uniquely fresh products tantalize your senses with their therapeutic and tropical aromas. Indulge in a mix of vibrant botanicals, skin softening clays, delicious tropical fruits and Hawaiian nectars blended in an intimate batch from Leahlani’s private studio on the North Shore of Kauai.

Malie Organics: Malie is headquartered in sunny Poipu on the Garden Island of Kauai. As a Hawaiian luxury spa and beauty brand, Malie offers an extraordinary line of all natural and organic products embodying the beautiful essence of the islands and its tropical flora.